Physiotherapy is not something that is done to you but through you.


Together we will build resilience. Whether for your activities of daily living, or to get back to your pre-injury performance level in your sport. Whether chronic or acute injury, athlete or not, we will work out and execute a plan that will help you overcome it.

You being pain free and resilient is the ultimate goal.


Let’s work together from anywhere in the world. Especially for more experienced athletes or people experienced with movement or rehabilitation, this option can make sense. If we decide to work together for your rehabilitation, online consultation enables us to stay in continuous communication, which can be very beneficial.


An in- person appointment allows us to work together in real life, to do my assessment hands on, and to make use of any training equipment together. I can give instant feedback and correction which can be quite beneficial for people just starting a rehabilitation or, when less experienced with movement. This is a more “classical” version of physiotherapy.

Let’s REHAB.

Talk to me so we can find out which consultation can benefit you more and how we can get you the best results.